Immigration Office

After arrival, you have 30 days to get your residence permit


1. How to get it

As you probably already know, once you arrive to Hungary, you need to get your residence permit. This is a crucial step as you can only stay and study in Hungary if you apply for the residence permit.

There is a strict deadline for doing so: you are obliged to apply within 30 days of crossing the borders of the European Union.

The International Mentor Team will be your helping angel on your shoulders. We are sending you the list of the required documents and we will scheduled group appointments for which you can apply for. Members of the mentor team will accompany you at each appointments.

Check the flowchart of the process

2. Visit the Office yourself

Please, remember to BRING ALL OF THE NECESSARY DOCUMENTS and start the process IN TIME!

Address: Szegedi út 35-37, Budapest, 1135 (check the map)

Office hours for foreign students:

  • Monday – 08:30-13:00
  • Tuesday -13:00-17:00
  • Wednesday – 08.30-12.00
  • Thursday – 08:30-13:00
  • Friday – 08.30-12.00

Immigration Office

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