Health Insurance Fund ( TAJ Card )

All the information about your social security number

1. How to get it

When using health insurance benefits in Hungary, a special identification number, social security number, (commonly known in Hungarian as TAJ) is used.

2. More info about the Process

This is a long process which involves more parties and needs more approvals than any other. There are several parties involved in the process:

  • you
  • the mentor team
  • an officer lady at the TAJ card office
  • BME
  • Central office

The mentor team gathers your applications and we take them to the TAJ card office by the hundreds. The TAJ card office must approve your application first. Currently, only one lady is in charge of considering and checking your applications (this means she has to check 5 documents for all the students, plus enter your data into their IT system and generate you a TAJ number). After that, she sends these numbers to BME, and BME officers must enter your TAJ numbers into Neptun ( at this point of the process, you can find your number in neptun ) because by doing so they conform to a central office that you are a BME student thus you’re entitled to the Hungarian national health insurance. Once the central office gets the confirmation from BME, it informs the officer lady that she can launch the production of your TAJ cards. The production also takes some time. Then mentor get it and distribute for you.

3. Visiting Hour

Visiting hours are placed in Building E, BME. Check the appointments on the sheet below!

What can you do if your card gets destroyed, damaged or lost?

In case of loss, theft, destruction or damage of the TAJ card, you can request a new TAJ card by filling in an application form (downloadable from the homepage of the National Health Insurance Fund Management Company) (TAJ card duplicate).

Once you filled in the application form, it must be filed at the government agency of District XIII., Budapest (address: 1139 Budapest, Teve Street, 1/a-c.,
Google Maps link:

Please note that the replacement cost of the TAJ card is 3,000 HUF (administrative service charge). In case your card is stolen, its replacement is free of charge.

If the TAJ card issuing office becomes aware of the theft of the TAJ card, it will arrange the replacement of the card without special request. In the event of police accusations, the police will always notify the health insurer of the theft of the TAJ card.

Medical care in Hungary

Everyone, who is entitled to the Hungarian National Health Insurance, has the right to have access to adequate, permanently accessible (24 hours a day) medical care within the limits set by the law. The health care service must meet the requirements of equal treatment.

There are certain health care benefits which are free of charge, and there are some for which you need to pay a supplementary fee.

Which benefits are you entitled to use free of charge if you are ensured?

Benefits for medical treatment:

  • general medical practice services,
  • dental practice services,
  • outpatient care,
  • in-patient care,
  • medical rehabilitation.

What should you pay attention to, when you visit a doctor?

You must always have to take your TAJ card and other personal identification documents with you.


  • If you got any previous medical records from your doctor, take it/them with you, as it may give your doctor some useful pieces of information for your further treatment.
  • Be aware of which health care benefits are free of charge and which ones are subject to additional charges.
  • You can refuse any medical assessments you would not like to have.
  • Tell your doctor about your previous illnesses or any drug intolerances you have as it supports that you receive a safe and professional health care treatment.

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