Issuing your Tax Identification Number (Tax Card)

This is an official guide from the IMT on requesting your Tax ID at the NTCA (National
Tax and Customs Administration) – also known as NAV in hungarian. NAV=NTCA.

1. Why do I need a Tax ID?

If you filled the Google form that we had sent you in email about the arrival, then a mentor is going to wait for you at the airport. We are going to wear a red mentor T-shirt. Look for us! 


2. To the railway station

From the airport, you have to go first to the other side of Budapest city (Kelenföld Railway Station) and after go to Székesfehérvár.

Options from the airport to Kelenföld Railway Station (Budapest):

  • Public transportation
    • 350Ft / ticket and you need 2 tickets
    • mentors will be with you on the way
  • Taxi
    • 30 Euro/car, so you can cooperate with others
    • a mentor will be there for you at the railway station

Liszt Ferenc airport

Kelenföld Railway station

3. From Budapest To Székesfehérvár

From Kelenföld Railway Station railway station to Székesfehérvar the best to use the train, which leaves in every 30 minutes. A mentor will be there for you at Railway station at Székesfehérvár and help you to find the dormitory, which is 10 minutes by walking.

Kelenföld Railway station

Lebényi Pál Dormitory, at Székesfehérvár

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